SECTION 3: MEMBERS 3.3.5 Quorum, Adjournment and Reconvening

In order for any business to be conducted at a meeting of the Members, it shall be necessary that a quorum of members be present at the commencement of such meeting. A quorum of Members shall be deemed to mean that a number of Members who collectively own not less than twentyfive percent (25%) of all ownership interests in all Sublots be present, either in person or represented by proxy. If a quorum is present at the commencement of a meeting and if some Members absent themselves from said meeting prior to the adjournment thereof, the Members remaining in attendance shall be deemed to constitute a quorum and shall be entitled to conduct any and all business which an actual numerical quorum could do if present. Notwithstanding the presence of a quorum at the commencement of a meeting, no action may be taken by the Members at such meeting if applicable law or the Declaration, the Articles, these Bylaws or any of the other Documents specifically require action by a greater number of Members than those which are actually present at such meeting at the time of taking such action. Should it become necessary to temporarily adjourn a meeting for the purpose of reconvening at another time or on another day, notice of such adjournment and reconvening need not be given, if the date, time and place at which such adjourned meeting is to be reconvened are fixed and announced to the Members then present prior to such adjournment.