Swim Team Good Sportsmanship

Webster's dictionary defines sportsmanship as the ability to play fair and lose without complaint or win without gloating. A good sport also treats his opponents with respect, fairness and courtesy. Our summer swim league is about having fun and demonstrating good sportsmanship. We hope that these tips for being a good sport will encourage parents, swimmers and coaches to demonstrate good sportsmanship at practice and at swim meets.


  1. Respect not only your teammates, but also your opponents. Treat opponents as guests, greet them cordially upon their arrival at our pool and be courteous.

  2. Respect and show graciousness to the coaches and officials. Accept and abide by their decisions.

  3. Offer encouragement to teammates, especially when they make mistakes.

  4. Accept the outcome of a swim meet without complaints and excuses. Lose without pouting. Give your opponents credit for winning. Congratulate, compliment and thank your opponent.

  5. Be quietly proud of your successes, letting your victories speak for themselves. Win without gloating. Don't brag about your abilities or talk about how great you are. Compliment and thank your opponent who helped you swim your best.

  6. Recognize and appreciate skill in a swimmer's performance, regardless of whose team they are on. Applaud for an opponent's good performance.

  7. Treat opponents as guests and fellow swimmers, not as the enemy. Shake hands with the opponents, wish them luck and cheer for the opponents before, during and after the meet.


  • It is our responsibility to influence the attitude and behavior of the swimmers. We can teach and model good sportsmanship through word and deed.

  • When you see your child being a bad sport, have a discussion about good sportsmanship. Be positive and supportive to swimmers and coaches.

  • Ask swimmers "How did you swim? Did you improve your time? What did you do well? What could you do better?" Don't just ask,"Did you win? What place did you get?"

We are all looking forward to a fun summer swim season.

Thanks for your support!

Updated April 17, 2017