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Welcome to Chadds Ford Sharks Summer 2021 Information  



Parent/Coach Meeting

There will be a Parent/Coach Meeting at the pool on Monday, June 14th at 11 AM.


Regular morning practices will begin on Monday, June 14th and continue through Friday, July 30th.

  • 10 AM to 11 AM - Practice for the 9 and up age group
  • 11 AM to 12 PM - Practice for the 8 and under age group
Practices are Monday thru Friday.  They are not mandatory; however, it is highly encouraged that our Sharks attend as many practices as possible.  After the coaches have had a few days to evaluate our swimmers, they may request that some of the swimmers change their practice groups based on ability.

Swim Meets

  • Tuesday, June 22nd – AWAY - Barrington Swim Club
    5:45 PM - Arrive for warm-ups.
    6:30 PM - Start time for meet.
  • Tuesday, June 29th – HOME - Club Walden
    5:00 PM - Arrive for team picture and warm-ups.
    6:30 PM - Start time for meet.
  • Working on additional meets in July. There may be intra-team meets.
  • Friday, July 30th – 11 AM - Team End of the Season Pool Party

Cost is $125.00 per Chadds Ford resident swimmer and $175.00 per non-resident swimmer. This fee includes team t-shirt, one swim cap, and all swim team events.

Please fill out the registration form and return with payment to:

Josee Adamson, 1756 Forest Oaks Drive by Friday, May 28.  There will be a plastic container available on the front porch.

**Anyone registering after May 28 may not receive a team T-Shirt.


Please make checks payable to Chadds Ford Swim Team. 



Returning as our Head Coach is Maddie Horrigan, a sophmore at Mount Union. She swam with the HEAT, was on the HHS swim team for 4 years and is also on the Mount Union swim team for a total of 12 years swimming. We are excited to have Maddie back this season!

Also returning as our assistant coach this year is Ethan Clemens, a Junior at Hudson High School. He has been swimming for many years (including on the Sharks!) and swims for the HHS team. In addition, he has lifeguarded at our pool and he is very comfortable with our team, the kids and how we work. We are excited to welcome Ethan back!

Our coaches assist with improving techniques, building endurance, encouraging active participation, and just having fun! If you have any questions or concerns about your swimmer, please feel free to contact them directly.


We will use email to communicate with all parents and swimmers.   Legibly fill in all email addresses on the registration form you would like us to use.  As this is our main form of communication, please check your email multiple times a day for any updates on practice or meet cancellations due to inclement weather.

**If the outside temperature is
65 degrees or below, the pool will be closed and practice will be cancelled.  The pool and pool deck will also be closed for 30 minutes after thunder or lightning.**


We do not require a team suit.  However, we would like our Sharks to have a unified look at the meets.  Each swimmer should wear either a blue or black swim suit at the meets.  One team cap will be provided to each swimmer.  If a swimmer loses his/her cap, additional caps may be purchased for $5 each.



Swim Meet Sign-Up - Swimmers

Swimmer sign–ups for meets are electronic via Sign up Genius (www.SignUpGenius.com) and MUST be done in advance for each meet.  You will receive an invitation to sign up and will need to complete the registration if you do not already have an account.

Swimmers are required to sign up prior to every meet that they will attend.  If a swimmer does not sign up for a meet electronically by the posted deadline, he/she will not swim in that meet. 



Swim Meet Sign-Up - Volunteers

Volunteer sign–ups for meets are electronic via Sign up Genius (www.SignUpGenius.com). and MUST be done in advance for each meet.  You will receive an invitation to sign up and will need to complete the registration if you do not already have an account.

Volunteer participation by the swimmers family is essential for a swim team and meets to run smoothly, home or away.  The coaches and parent representatives cannot run the meets without the help of ALL FAMILIES on the swim team. 


  • Parents, please be availabe to assist your swimmer prior to the start of a meet to make sure they have gotten their event schedule. Please bring a Sharpie pen to each meet so that your swimmer can write their events on their hands or a piece of paper.
  • The Shark Bullpen Volunteers help the 8 and younger swimmers line up for each event. It is the responsibility of the SWIMMER and PARENT to report to the Bullpen when their event number is displayed on the Shark sign. It is NOT the Bullpen Volunteers job to find the swimmers on the playground or pool deck. Once the swimmer is at the Bullpen, they will be lined up and walked to the blocks by the Bullpen Volunteers. If the swimmer is not at the bullpen when time to line up, he or she could miss their swimming event.

  • Swimmers may be at the pool for practice times only. Swimmers are ONLY allowed on the pool deck during their normal practice time. Swimmers who stay after their practice time before the pool is open for the day will be sent home. They may play in the playground area; however, the pool staff does not monitor this area. Parents are encouraged to stay at the pool during practices.
  • Snack bar and baby pool are NOT open during practice times.
  • Swimmers who bike or walk to the pool should NOT be cutting through yards to get to our pool but should go all the way to Mannheim and Bergen Court. Please respect our neighbors' privacy and their property.
  • For everyone's safety, playground rocks should not be thrown. Please remind your swimmers. This seems to be more of a issue when we have home swim meets and the away team is not aware of our rules.

    All swimmers should contact themselves properly and portray good sportsmanship at all practices and meets. Parents should supervise their children to make sure they are acting appropriately. Please review the Good Sportsmanship Code of Conduct.


    Questions? - Please call or email your Chadds Ford Parent Representatives or Coaches:

    Parent Representatives/Coaches
    Position Name Phone Email
    Parent Representative Colleen Camacho 313-318-5576 colleencamacho@yahoo.com
    Parent Representative Leslie Banweg 847-513-3543 lbanweg@hotmail.com
    Head Coach Maddie Horrigan 216-501-0919 mhorrigan0701@gmail.com
    Assistant Coach Ethan Clemens 330-840-4142 ethan.a.clemens@gmail.com

    Updated May 7, 2021

    Go Sharks!

    Registration forms are due by Friday, May 28th to Josee Adamson at 1756 Forest Oaks Drive. There will be a plastic container available on the front porch. **Anyone registering after May 28 may not receive a team T-Shirt.